Advertising in search systems

After website is published, you have to bring people to it. Promotion (SEO) usually takes a lot of time and money, but if you want to check your site and bring the first visitors to your site as soon as possible, advertising in search systems like Google AdWords (Google Ads), Bing Ads and Yandex Direct will help you. Media ads and ads in search systems are the fastest ways to get website visitors and first orders.


There are several types of advertising on Google, Bing and Yandex search networks, and the goals of this advertising are different. If you need first clients, so that you spend less money, but the speed of attraction is not important, then advertising in search will work best of all. If your goal is to become a recognizable brand, then you need media advertising. When set up correctly, media ads can also increase confidence in your product and brand in general.


In search advertising, it is important to choose the right audience, choose the right set of words, without unnecessary common phrases - only essential ones. It is also important to clear out all the garbage that may come in search results. When setting up, you can specify region, gender, age, users interests and many other very important search settings.


If you correctly set goals on the site, you can not only receive a report which key phrases worked the best, but also clearly understand which of the phrases brought appeals (Leads), which worked the best for sales (Conversions), and which simply wasted the budget.

Herewith, certain phrases can bring conversions from just 3-5 clicks, and some phrases won`t bring you a client from even 200 clicks. Thus, after being optimized, an ads lets reduce your expenses on promotion, or receive more calls and sales for the previous budget.

Examples of setting up contextual ads

Google & Bing Advertising Pricing


for Small Local Bussines
$500per month
  • Google or Bing ads setup
  • Account ads management
  • 15 hours Email or messenger support
  • Monthly report
  • Company budget of up to $3000


for Big Business
Customper month
  • Google or Bing ads setup
  • Account ads management
  • Email or messenger support
  • Monthly Report + Google Data Studio Report
  • Company budget of more than $10,000

Except website contextual ads we can offer

We can also offer advertising in social networks, which can give a slight kick forward to your business. If your old advertisement does not give a result, let us analyze it, we will try to find errors. Sometimes you just need to change the settings, turn off all unnecessary things, and then choose the right target audience. It also happens that advertising on a regular site doesn’t work - in such cases we suggest developing a landing page, at which client will immediately see all necessary information about the product you want to sell instead of wandering around website. Landing pages are often ordered from us for a specific event, competition, a single product or a group of products.

Order design development and effective SEO website promotion on the Internet, in google, Bing and Yandex search engines

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