Polygraphic design

Polygraphic design is very versatile. We provide many types of useful services, such as: package design creation, outdoor ads, signboard, handout design; flyer, poster and calendar design; booklet and brochure design; paper and magazine design; logo & business card design. Also we can design corporate identity and souvenir product package templates.

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A set of graphic elements (logo, business card, envelope, form, etc.) created in one style.

Corporate identity helps in developing your brand, as thanks to good-looking corporate style your brand will become recognizable - that will increase your clients` trust, and therefore sales.


Package design for any type of product - from casual boxes for sweets produced by chocolate factories` and to gift wrap for alcohol, tea or honey.

Any sticker and pack design. If you have special task - do not hesitate to send us a line, we are ready to consider any task .


Outdoor ads includes: signboards, billboards, ads on transport, citylights, prismatrons, underground ads, banners, etc.

Polygraphic design samples

Polygraphic Design Pricing


for Small Bussines
  • 30 hours Designer work
  • 5 hours Project manager work


for Big Business
Customper month
  • Custom Designer work
  • Custom Project manager work

Except polygraphic design we suggest

Polygraphic designer is not the only one designer we have,and polygraphic design is not the only one type of service we provide. We can work on website design – and then build it, or we can build a website on the engine you need from your design template, and one of the most important services we provide is website promotion in search systems – to make it appear in search results.

We also work on setting ads in Google Ads and Yandex Direct systems, can set advertising campaign inside Facebook and Instagram. If you don`t know how to develop your business – we can make a site audit and calculate the cost of its development.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions – maybe we are already working on your task! Our Team never stops learning!

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