If you have a website, but it does not move up in search results and keeps the same positions all the time – then most likely you are doing something wrong. But there`s one thing that may help you – site audit. The word “audit” means a set of measures taken to identify errors and shortcomings that were made during the development of the site. After the audit, I will draw up a report and an action plan. During the audit, both technical errors and errors in the organization of work with the site can be found and fixed.

Technical SEO audit

At the stage of technical audit most of the errors are identified, and we will see if your site meets the requirements of search engines.

During technical SEO audit, I will do the following:

  • checking for errors in google search console, webmaster bing;
  • checking for errors in micro-markup;
  • checking for 404, 50x page inaccessibility errors;
  • checking the robots.txt file, we will help to identify pages that are not available for indexing or those that need to be closed from indexing;
  • URL optimization and user-friendly URL tuning if not configured;
  • checking the linking at the site;
  • checking site maps;
  • setting up 301 redirects;
  • defining canonical addresses at the site;
  • optimization of outbound external links;
  • analysis of site loading speed and ways to solve problems;
  • analysis of title, description. Analysis of the correctness of compilation and search for duplicates, search for empty tags, identification of too long titles and descriptions;
  • structure of headings at page H1-H6;
  • searching for large images that can be optimized;
  • analysis of slow scripts on the site;
  • identifying missing “alt” and “title” for images;
  • checking micro-markup for social networks;
  • analysis of customized social media buttons, and, if necessary, offer an alternative;
  • setting up web analytics systems Google Analytics if they are not there, if there is so much the better, they can also suggest what to do;
  • external link audit;
  • analysis of site loading speed and suggestions for acceleration.

Mentioned above is not a complete list of what I suggest when I`m doing a technical SEO audit.

Who needs SEO audit and who doesn’t

Usually, it makes no sense to audit sites on various page generators or landing page generators, since they do not have the ability to fully edit the code and you can only do internal page optimization (On-Page SEO).

On the other hand, if you have created a site and are ready to publish it, I will always be happy to revise it and identify problems. Also, the audit will be useful if your site is already working, and there is no growth of visitors` quantity or it has stopped.

As a result of the audit, you will receive a technical task for correcting errors, which you can use to amend the site yourself, or give to a programmer.

Site audit price

Audit price is 500$. Sometimes the price can be higher, it all depends on the size of the site. Prepayment is 50%, or at the request of the client 100%. I can show all examples of my work in person.

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